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About Link2Link Technology

Link2Link Technology, dedicated to improving the way professionals and enterprises learn, use, and master technology, is a leading provider in IT education and enterprise training solutions. Offering more than 700 courses, which cover such leading companies as Cisco, Sun, Microsoft, IBM, SCO, and HP. We also provide training program management solutions, including enrollment, assessment, progress tracking, and certification. Through our Virtual Classroom e-Learning, Self-Paced e-Learning, hands-on Classroom Learning, and Enterprise On-site Learning initiatives, we enable customers to choose when, where, and how they want their training solutions designed, delivered, and managed.

Founded in 1999, Link2Link Technology currently employs more than 80 people worldwide and is headquartered in Yangon, Myanmar. The company is a subsidiary of Inspirations Group (UK). Individuals and organizations nationwide in Myanmar learn to master information technology through Link2Link Technology's integrated solutions. The Inspirations Group comprises of 4 companies offering services including management consulting services, integration services, network consolidation, broadband and dedicated Internet access, managed security services, hardware distribution, hosting services, collocation services, training solutions, and software development.

Our portfolio of learning programmes cover all the skills, knowledge and motivation your organisation needs, from developing a senior management team to introducing an individual to Word 2000. Each programme is delivered by the team member with the best experience and qualities for that event. Every learning programme will have agreed measurable learning outcomes for you, and will be a memorable event. We offer more than 700 courses including manufacturer certifications courses for Cisco, Microsoft, SUN and Red Hat as well as certification courses for internetworking, telecommunications, and professional skills. Through our e-Learning and on-site training solutions, we empower customers with choice, allowing them to determine when, where, and how corporations and individuals want IT training programs delivered.

We define, develop and deliver custom, integrated solutions to manage proficiencies for an information technology workforce. Projects include large-scale rollouts, integration of personnel following mergers and acquisitions, customized accelerated certification training programs, and competence assessment. Through our outsourcing solutions we manage education programs for the Myanmar's largest corporations ranging from internal IT training to complete outsourcing of an enterprise's proprietary product training.

Our mission is to provide a clear, versatile and continuous learning experience, enabling individuals to progress and organisations to prosper from their investment in people, thus ensuring continued customer satisfaction through quality and value.

With over 30 years of combined experiences within the Inspirations Group companies, we have learned that every person and every organisation is unique. With our versatility and flexibility, we will bend over backwards to deliver a programme that fits perfectly with your needs. Good things come in smaller packages! (Relationships) We believe that personal service is more important than size. We aim to deliver the perfect training programme -working harder and investing more time and effort to ensure that you receive a programme that suits you.

We constantly evaluate the effectiveness of every programme we run, by asking each delegate to complete an evaluation form. 98% of our delegates believe they will do their job better following one of our programmes. We continually monitor the quality of our programme delivery, through our evaluation forms and 'Mystery Delegate' operation.

Link2Link Technology has corporate headquarter in Yangon, Myanmar along with international headquarters in London and Thailand (via partnership). With sales and training centers nationwide in Myanmar, we deliver training programs through the use of conference facilities, and Internet-based Virtual e-Learning technologies.